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50 Great Housewarming Gift Ideas

Choosing the perfect housewarming gift for a new homeowner doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. Start with what you know about the gift recipient. Are they more traditional or modern? Do they enjoy cooking, gardening, spoiling their pet, a relaxing home spa experience, entertaining guests, or anything else unique? Use what you know. Then, choose something that fits their personality and style. Be sure to include a simple heart-felt card to pair with their perfect gift

My favourite gifts are always the ones I wouldn’t have splurged on for myself, but once I have it, I can’t imagine life without it. 

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled 50 great housewarming gift ideas across a range of prices and taste preferences. You don’t need to spend a fortune to help make your friend or family member’s house feel more like a home.

50 Great Housewarming Gift Ideas Pin
Maldon Salt

1.  Iconic Flaky Sea Salt

Maldon Sea Salt by Maldon

This famous salt from Maldon, England is the easiest way to elevate any dish. Pair the flaky, gourmet salt with a beautiful jar or container, like the one below, to complete the gift.

Marble Salt Container

2.  Marble Herb Container

Dual Compartment Box by RSVP International

This beautiful container is built for dual salts, but can house anything you’d like. Pair it with the Maldon Sea Salt above, or gift it by itself, to add a simple touch of beauty to someone’s kitchen.

BBQ Gloves

3.  The Perfect Grill Mitt

Pit Mitt Glove by Charcoal Companion

Any grill master, or aspiring grill master, will be happy to receive this mitt made specifically for barbecuing. Made with military technology, it withstands heat up to 475 degrees and at 13” in length, it protects the wrist and lower arm. It never hurts to have an extra mitt for the pit.

Coffee Grinder House Warming Gift Ideas

4.  Coffee Grinder

Encore Conical Burr Grinder by Baratza

The best coffee and espresso starts with perfectly sized, freshly ground beans. You cannot go wrong with this coffee grinder by Baratza, which includes 40 different grind settings. Amateur baristas, rejoice!

Milk Frother Housewarming Gift Ideas

5.  Milk Frother & Steamer

Milk Frother by Secura

The best coffee and espresso starts with perfectly sized, freshly ground beans. You cannot go wrong with this coffee grinder by Baratza, which includes 40 different grind settings. Amateur baristas, rejoice!

Pique Matcha Powder Housewarming Gift Ideas

6.  Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea

Sun Goddess Matcha Tea Tin by Pique

This matcha is so popular that it often sells out – be sure to sign up to be notified when it is back in stock! It blends without clumping in hot or cold water, can be consumed throughout the day as a natural source of energy and immunity support, and will pair perfectly with the frother listed above for an at-home matcha latte.

Iron Skillet Housewarming Gift Idea

7.  Cast Iron Skillet

Large Preseasoned Cast Iron Skillet by Lodge

This matcha is so popular that it often sells out – be sure to sign up to be notified when it is back in stock! It blends without clumping in hot or cold water, can be consumed throughout the day as a natural source of energy and immunity support, and will pair perfectly with the frother listed above for an at-home matcha latte.

Olive Oil Housewarming Gift ideas

8.  High-End Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frescobaldi Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Marchesi De Frescobaldi

Elevate your salads, seafood, or balsamic/olive oil combo for dipping your bread with this oil that has award-winning chef approval, according to the New York Magazine. Think about pairing it with a unique vinegar for a winning combination. You could also include a beautiful serving dish to complete the gift.

Chile Crunch Housewarming Gift Ideas

9.  The Perfect Condiment

All-Natural Spicy Crunchy Condiment by Chile Crunch 

This condiment has a cult-like following from those who enjoy a little heat. It isn’t meant to burn, but to add a crunch with some spice to any dish. With one taste, they’ll be hooked. It’s perfect on scrambled eggs, sandwiches, protein, vegetables and anything else you can imagine.

Cheese Board Knife Set Housewarming Gift ideas

10.  Charcuterie Board & Knife Set

Cheese Board & Knife Set by Smirly

Pair this gift with a couple of your favorite meats and cheeses from your local butcher shop. You could also include a nice fig jam, some fresh fruit, or a local honeycomb.

marble tic tac toe set housewarming gift ideas

11.  A Beautiful Tic-Tac-Toe Game Set

Marble Tic-Tac-Toe Game Set by Crate & Barrel

Both functional and great to display, this marble game set is a fun addition to any coffee table or book shelf. It is also family friendly, so it will get a lot of use in any home and will add to any entertainers arsenal.

Personalized Ornament Housewarming Gift ideas

12.  A Personalized Ornament

Customized Porcelain Ceramic Christmas Ornament by The Cotton and Canvas Co, Etsy

Choose an ornament that fits your recipient’s personal style. Whether it be this shop an Etsy or a different vendor, a personalized ornament is a simple way to add some personalization and elegance to their holiday season every year.

Stripe Throw Blanket Housewarming Gift Ideas

13.  Throw Blanket

Modern Hand-Woven Fringe Throw Blanket by Rivet

It never hurts to have an extra throw blanket for a guest bedroom, living room, or an outdoor living space. This one comes in a few different color options, is nice and large, and will be a cozy edition to anyone’s space.

Gua Sha Tool Housewarming Gift Ideas

14.  A Facial Tool

Stainless Steel Gua Sha Tool by Sacheu

If you haven’t tried an at-home gua sha treatment yet, now is the time! This Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice is known to release stagnation in the face, relax the body and mind, and many claim that it reduces puffiness and their “double chin” over time. You can perform the gua sha ritual on yourself or a partner, and it is a great way to end each day. Pair it with your favorite face oil or an ice rolling tool to complete the gift.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Housewarming Gift Ideas

15.  A Facial Mask

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, Dermal Resurfacer by Peter Thomas Roth

Nothing completes the home spa experience like a good facial mask. This 3-in-1 product resurfaces and exfoliates the skin, peels with alpha hydroxy acid and polishes with aluminum oxide. The results are a smoother, younger and more radiant face. This can be used a couple of times a week and makes for a great guest or master bathroom addition. Happy scrubbing!

Microfiber Facial Towels Housewarming Gift Ideas

16.  A Soft Face Towels

Microfiber Facial Cloths by Sinland

These microfiber towels are the softest towels you never knew you needed. They are made for drying off a freshly washed face.  This small luxury is sure to make the gift recipient’s day, making it easy to always have a clean towel for their clean face. Pair this with the facial mask or gua sha tool above, or any fancy face wash, for a perfect combination at-home-spa style gift.

3 Pack Vase Housewarming Gift Ideas

17.  A Set of Vases

3 Small Ceramic Vases by Sullivans

An extra vase for holding a freshly cut bloom, or just to display on a book shelf or coffee table, is always welcome in a new space. This set of 3 comes in a few different colour schemes to match your recipient’s taste. Pair the vases with some fresh flowers to complete the gift.

Ronxs Lighter Housewarming Gift Ideas

18.  Electric, Chargeable Lighter

Candle & Camping Lighter by Ronxs

The flame will never go out on this lighter, as it is charges via USB. Perfect for camping or anyone who loves candles. Pair this gift with your favourite candle – see below for a delicious-smelling option.

Santal 26 Classic Candle Housewarming Gift Ideas

19.  A Classic Scented Candle

Santal 26 Classic Candle by Le Labo

A perfectly bougie candle is what every new home needs. Le Labo is known for their amazing scents, and Santal 26 is great for both men and women. Pair this with a nice lighter or the electric one listed above.

Ugg Coquette Slippers Housewarming Gift Ideas

20.  A House Slipper

Women’s Coquette Slipper by UGG

A comfortable house shoe never goes out of style. Stick to the classics, with UGG, known for their soft and durable footwear. His and Hers house shoes are sure to make any new homeowner happy!

Reusable Chopsticks Housewarming Gift Ideas

21.  Reusable Chopsticks

5 Pairs Bamboo Reusable Chopsticks by Antner

Add some beauty to at-homing dining with these beautiful reusable chopsticks. Perfect for the person who wants to make an impact on reducing waste or the person who enjoys making at-home sushi or other Japanese cuisine.

Sushi Making Kit Housewarming Gift Ideas

22.  At Home Sushi Kit

Sushi Making Kit by Aya

For the aspiring sushi chef, or to simply jazz up an at-home date night, this sushi kit fits the bill.

White Calla Lily Housewarming Gift Ideas

23.  A Potted Plant

White Calla Lilly by 1-800 Flowers

Call a local flower or plant shop, or use a website like the one linked here (which is international), to add some life and green to your friend’s new home. Choose an easy-to-care-for plant* or any flower arrangement that will make the recipient smile.

*Some forgiving / easy plants are ZZ plants, money trees, snake plants, and pothos.

Wine Housewarming Gift Ideas

24.  A Natural Bottle of Wine

Bianchetto 2020 Lammidia by MYSA Natural Wine

All wine is not created equal. Natural, raw, or sometimes called organic wine, is produced without additives. The result? Less or no hangovers. Choose a bottle from an online shop like Mysa, or any local brick and mortar wine shop. It never hurts to ask a sales associate for help and to know a bit about your friend’s taste preferences. A cool label never hurts either.

Plastic Wine Glass Housewarming Gift Ideas

25.  Outdoor Stemless Wine Glasses

Unbreakable Wine Glasses, Set of 4 by Wine Outside

Pair a nice bottle of wine with these unbreakable wine glasses, designed for outdoor use. This will make any golf cart cruise, camping trip, or other outdoor excursion that much more fun. You could also pair these wine glasses with a blanket for picnics or sunsets at the beach. See the next idea for a good blanket option.

Picnic Blanket Housewarming Gift Ideas

26.  A Picnic Blanket

Waterproof Picnic Blanket by G GOOD GAIN

A waterproof picnic blanket is a good addition to anybody’s home. This one comes in a variety of styles and colours and is sure to add to the adventures of the recipient. You could pair this with the outdoor wine glasses listed above, or a picnic basket, like the one linked below.

Picnic Basket Set Housewarming Gift Ideas

27.  A Wicker Picnic Basket

Insulated Picnic Basket for 2 by ZORMY

A basket ready-for-the-road is a great addition to any romantic picnic, concert, or camping outing. This insulated wicker version with cutlery and plates has you covered.

Unisex Linen Apron Housewarming Gift Ideas

28.  A Linen Apron

Unisex Adjustable Linen Apron by Ease, Me

Help raise your chef’s confidence with this lightweight, adjustable linen apron. It never hurts to have a spare apron for your sous chef, or for when your others are dirty from last week’s food prep.

Blue Agate Coasters Housewarming Gift Ideas

29.  Beautiful Coasters

Agate Coasters by Anthropologie

No more boring or ugly coasters when you gift these beautiful agate variety from Anthropologie. These come in a wide range of colours and stones, making it easy to choose the right set for this new homeowner.


This is Home Coffee Table Book Housewarming Gift Ideas

30.  A Coffee Book Table

This is Home: The Art of Simple Living by Natalie Walton & Chris Warnes

A coffee table book is an easy way to make a statement. Choose one that reflects the recipient’s taste or favorite thing. Think home, cooking, animals, fashion, designers, famous photographers, authors, sports, events, history, etc. Browse online or go to a book shop in your community to find the perfect hardcover book. Make sure the book’s cover is one you think they’d like to display somewhere in their home.

Casper Dog Bed Housewarming Gift Ideas

30.  A Luxurious Dog Bed

Machine Washable Dog Bed by Casper Sleep

For any dog-loving homeowner, a gift for their pet could be the perfect item. Choose a luxurious and washable dog bed in the appropriate size and pair it with some delicious dog treats. NY Times rated this one as one of their top Dog Bed picks in March of 2021

Pet Hair Remover Housewarming Gift Ideas

32.  Dog Hair Remover Tool

Dog Hair Remover by ChomChom Roller

Another great idea for a friend with a dog or cat at home is the ChomChom Roller. This is an item a pet-owner doesn’t know they need until they have it. It picks up everything and helps keep a house feeling like a home – tidy and clean.

Kimono Robe Housewarming Gift Ideas

33.  A Beautiful Robe

Natori Shangri La Long Robe by Natori

A fresh robe is one of life’s little luxuries. This style comes in many colours and recently earned NY Times top marks for Best Robes in their May 2021 Wirecutter review.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Housewarming Gift Ideas

34.  Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven by Ooni

Until this new homeowner can build their own wood-fired oven in the backyard, this portable option will get the job done and step up anybody’s entertainment game.

Cook This Book Cookbook Housewarming Gift Ideas

35.  A New Cookbook

Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach and Recipes to Repeat by Molly Baz

A new cookbook pairs perfectly with a new kitchen and home. This book teaches basic   techniques as part of the recipes, making it great for new chefs or even more seasoned chefs that may have missed a few lessons along the way.

Bed Sheets Housewarming Gift Ideas

36.  Crisp New Bed Sheets

Bed Sheets by Danjor Linens

We’ve been sleeping in these sheets for years, and they never disappoint. With a new home comes more guests and more bedrooms to supply linens for. Pair these sheets with a beautiful new decorative pillow or candle for a good combo gift.

Dyson Vacuums Housewarming Gift Ideas

37.  The Best Cordless Vacuum

V8 Animal Cordless Stick vacuum Cleaner by Dyson

While a vacuum might not seem like the sexiest gift, Dyson does have a way. These popular vacuum cleaners are powerful, store away easily, and have a great design. Make sure they don’t already have one, and then give this dream gift to whomever you please.

HyperChiller Drink Chiller Housewarming Gift Ideas

38.  Instant Drink Chiller

HyperChiller by HyperChiller

Do you ever wish your hot or lukewarm drink could be cold (and not diluted with ice!) instantly? Look no further. This HyperChiller gets your cold brew, wine, iced tea, or cocktail up to temperature in one minute.

Ticket to Ride Board Game Housewarming Gift Ideas

39.  The Perfect Board Game

Ticket to Ride Board Game by Days of Wonder

This game is fun for all ages and one they’ll be sure to come back to time and time again.

Clear Umbrella Housewarming Gift Ideas

40.  A Chic Umbrealla

Clear Umbrella by totes

Never get stuck in a downpour again with this classic clear umbrella.

Carafe Housewarming Gift Ideas

41.  A Beautiful Carafe

Bedside Carafe by Maison Blazac

Add some beauty to the master or guestroom bedside table with this stunning colored glass bedside carafe and goblet set. Inspired by traditional French sets, this is sure to add some love to any room.

Hair Brush Housewarming Gift Ideas

42.  A Simple Hair Brush

Vegan Boar Bristle Hair Brush by Briogeo Hair Care

For all hair types, this vegan boar bristle brush is a great addition to a guest bathroom or the homeowner’s personal hair care collection.

Our Place Pan Housewarming Gift Ideas

43.  The Perfect Pan

Always Pan by Our Place

“Designed to replace 8 traditional pieces of cookware” the company says. This pan has a cult-like following and comes in 9 different colours.

Knife for Housewarming Gift Ideas

44.  A Classic Knife

Classic Ulility Knife by sthof

Whether you gift a single knife or the whole block set, they’ll have their sthof forever.

Breakfast Tray Housewarming Gift Ideas

45.  A Tray for Breakfast in Bed

Bamboo Bed Tray Table with Foldable Legs by Pipishell

Add excitement to any morning with breakfast in bed. Perfect for kids, holidays, or guests that you want to pamper.

Diffuser Housewarming Gift Ideas

46.  A Diffuser

Ceramic Stone Diffuser by VITRUVI

This beautiful diffuser comes in a variety of natural colors and looks like a piece of art.

Bathroom Bundle Housewarming Gift Ideas

47.  A Spa Quality Bathroom Bundle

Bathroom Essential Bundle by Aesop

Help make any bathroom more luxurious with anything from this special brand, Aesop. Or find any soap and lotion combo in your price point to add a spa-like feel to your friend’s home.

Wool Dryer Balls Housewarming Gift Ideas

48.  Eco-Friendly Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls by Budieggs

Never buy dryer sheets again. This eco-friendly solution shortens drying times and can be used over and over for 1000+ loads. Pair this with an essential oil spray, in lavender or eucalyptus, so they can spritz the wool balls and add scent to their clothing if they desire.

Steel Kettle Housewarming Gift Ideas

49.  A Whistling Tea Kettle

Enamel On Steel Whistling Tea Kettle by Le Creuset

This classic brand will last a lifetime. Choose from a variety of colors and help add vibrancy to any kitchen.

Croquet Set Housewarming Gift Ideas

50.  A Croquet Set

Six Player Croquet Set by Juegoal

Add some fun to any backyard or park adventure with this all-in-one croquet set.

I hope you found this list of housewarming gift ideas helpful. You will be sure to impress the new homeowner in your life with any of these gift options. Happy Housewarming!

xo Alexandra

Please share with us in the comments below what gifts you have given at a housewarming party or what gifts have you recieved that you loved. We would love to hear from you. Thanks!