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How to Care for Dried Pampas Grass

Caring for dried Pampas Grass is pretty simple and that’s what makes this low maintenance dried floral a great choice to add to your home decor. It’s easy to care for and so beautiful!

How to Care for Pampas Grass Pin

What are the parts of a pampas grass?

The pampas grass reed is broken up into 2 parts the stem and the plume.  The plume is the feathery portion and the stem is below that (the stick part) .

How to fluff pampas grass?

There are a few methods you can use to help make pampas grass fluffy:

1. Shake the plume gently

It would be best to do this outside as pampas grass sheds and it can get a little messy inside.  Be sure to hold the pampas grass reed at the base of the plume, before shaking it, this will help to minimize breaking or splitting the stem. Give the pampas grass a gentle shake and watch as the plumes begin to open.

2. Leave the pampas grass sitting in the sun  

It has been suggested to leave pampas grass sitting in the sun for 2-5 hours.  I personally left mine for 24 hours in a vase by the sunniest window and noticed that over the day the plumes began to open more.

3. Use a hairdryer on low heat

You can also use a low heat setting on a hairdryer to fluff the plumes.  Move the hairdryer all around the plume and be sure to hit every angle of the plume.

4. Open the plumes by hand  

Go over different parts of the plume and carefully pull down and open the plume (kind of like an artificial Christmas tree). But be very gentle when opening the plumes, you don’t want to break them and do not try to twist and maneuver the direction of the plumes (I said it’s only “like” an artificial Christmas tree). 

Please remember that pampas grass is a real dried plant-so be gentle.    

Pampas Grass in Sun

Does pampas grass shed?

Absolutely it does!  Unless you buy a pre-treated pampas grass.  There are some companies that have already sprayed the grass to minimize shedding. 

You can also buy artificial pampas grass.  The faux pampas grass can look really nice but it doesn’t have the same fluffy appearance.  Also many artificial pampas grass are very thin unless they contain over 20+ forks (branches) and it is helpful if you can find ones that are re-enforced so it does not fall apart or look flimsy. 

How do I stop pampas grass from shedding?

It is really quite simple to stop pampas grass from shedding.  Just simply spray the pampas grass plumes with a floral protectant or hairspray. 

I have used a very firm hold hairspray and it was most definitely a firm hold meaning it stopped the pampas grass from shedding but it made the plume look kind of tacky (sticky looking)-it smelled amazing though! I think I could have used a more mild hairspray, so next time I will use a natural hairspray or a less firm hairspray.

Do I need to water pampas grass?

Nope. It is very low maintenance. Since the plant is dried, it does not require water. 

How long does pampas grass last?

Pampas grass that is left alone in a vase should last you at least 3 years (follow the care instructions given) .

How long does Pampas Grass last

What else can I do to care for my pampas grass?

  • The main thing with pampas grass is be sure you spray it (with the floral protectant or hairspray) to minimize shedding and then just simply leave it in the vase. 
  • Every 4-6 month you can take your pampas grass outside to give it a gentle shake to remove dust and then you can re-spray if needed. 
  • Keep your pampas grass out of direct sunlight (after the initial opening and fluffing stage), this will help to protect the colour and life of the dried plant.

Check out the “All About Pampas Grass” post to learn more about Pampas Grass.

How do I cut pampas grass?

You can use gardening shears to cut your stems.  I personally have had success with my regular kitchen scissors.

How do I arrange pampas grass?

This is where you can have fun with your arrangements. 

  • You can place all your stems in one vase.
  • You can go with a more simple, striking look with a single stem coming out of a vase. 
  • You can change up the heights by cutting some of your stems, this can give more of a dimensional look.
  • You can get really creative and add in some palms or bunny tails or other dried florals and create beautiful bouquets. 
Project Trendy Pampas Grass Arrangements

Where can I find pampas grass?

You can find pampas grass in special floral shops or from many shops online.  I have bought some from local retailers and I bought some from Amazon.  My favourite deal is on Amazon it’s the Alfa Life Pampas Grass Tall Decor with Wooden Beads bundle.

Best vase for pampas grass?

Finding the right vase can be a challenge. I literally bought about 15 vases at once and realized only 4 of them worked.

You need to pay attention to the height of the vase and the size of the mouth opening for the vase.  I found that the right vase for tall pampas grass was finding a vase that was 13-18” tall and about 1.5”-3.5” wide for the opening. 

Before purchasing your vase, be sure you know the size of your pampas grass stems, that way you know how tall of a vase you need. 

Be careful to not buy a vase with a very narrow opening, unless you want to only fit about 1 or 2 reeds in it.  If you try to put more stems in your arrangement with a narrow opening it will look squished and not very eye catching.

Pampas Grass Vase Ideas

Here are a few of great suggestions for tall, medium and small vases:

Pampas Grass HoneyComb Tall Vase

Tall Honeycomb Pampas Grass Vase

Pampas Tall Gold Vase

Tall 2-tone White and Gold Pampas Grass Vase

Medium Geometric Pampas Grass Vase

Medium Sized Geometric Pampas Grass Vase

Pampas Glass Jug Vase

Medium Sized Pampas Grass Jug Vase

Pampas Grass Small White Vase

Small White Pampas Grass Vase 2pk

Small Geometric Pampas Grass Vase

Small Geometric Pampas Grass Vase

If you have any other questions or some tips on how to care for pampas grass feel free to reach out or leave a comment below. You can also check out the post “All About Pampas Grass” to learn more.  Thanks so much!

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